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The International Sasquatch Conservation Society was founded in 1988 by Richard Vasquez in Humboldt County in the hopes that we could save the endangered bigfoot from being wiped out. While sightings remain numerous throughout the country, they simply don't seem to be large enough in number to consider the species safe. Rumor has it that sasquatches live within our own mountains, brought here by settlers. Though not many sightings have been reported, we know they are out there and they need our help! Please donate to us however you can so we can continue our fight to preserve our local bigfoot population! You can sign our guestbook here and donate to our cause here! Don't forget to read up on our history!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is bigfoot/sasquatch real?
A: Oh, they most certainly exist. You just need to look for them.
Q: Have you ever seen a sasquatch?
A: Many of us in the ISCS have had some encounter, be it auditory, or visual, but not all of us have. None of us in Big Bear have seen one up close, however.
Q: Can bigfoot hurt me?
A: Absolutely. But sasquatches don't want to hurt you. :-)
Q: Why does sasquatch need my help?
A: Some people want to eradicate the only species of wild ape in North America out of fear, and with their natural habitats dwindling and being invaded by humans, it's our duty to make sure their kind can flourish!
Q: How do I know you're not grifting your supporters?
A: Our organization was founded by a well-known sasquatch conservationist and enthusiast. We are a non-profit and have no salary. As Big Bear's only sasquatch sasquatch conservancy we are a very small group of dedicated conservationists and are very close with our community. Believe us when we say if we were ever scamming our fellow neighbors we'd be run off the mountain! Your donations are safe and put into our efforts at making sure our local sasquatch population is safe. That money does not leave our community, you have our word.
Q: Is sasquatch a tender lover?
A: We do not recommend seeking out a sasquatch with the intention of romance, that would be beastiality and is highly frowned upon and illegal in most states.
Q: What happened to the research institute?
A: We'd hate to spread rumors or slander the institute, but a series of events, including financial woes, led to its unfortunate closing. Perhaps someday we can reopen it if we had the time and money!

Most Recent Bigfoot Sightings On The Mountain!

Location Name Date
Erwin Lake K.L.P. 2008
Barton Flats Campground B.F.B. 1993
Big Bear Lake D. M. 1976
Camp Taquitz Anonymous 1975
Big Bear Lake R.L. 1963
Source: Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization