The International Sasquatch Research Institute

What Are We About?


Finding Evidence For Sasquatch

Since 1995 we've been committed to finding evidence that the fabled sasquatch exists and disproving sasquatch hoaxes. We have a team of highly skilled and well-regarded cryptozoologists whom work regularly in the field and the lab to prove that not only does bigfoot exist, but so do related species, as well. Our facilities are fully packed with the best technology for genome sequencing, genetic identification, etc. so we are well equipped for finding true sasquatch samples. We are able to operate thanks to donors, like you, and have relied heavily upon the monetary support of a generous benefactor whose wealth may be in the billions, with a 'B'! Without their help, none of this would be possible! We are dedicated to proving Sasquatch's existence in its natural environment. This means, we will never attempt to capture Sasquatches to perform experimentation, observation, or for specimen gathering reasons. Locally, we have many trail cams and frequently look for bigfoot, when a camera is triggered, we investigate the area and may pick up several samples. We've yet to identify any as belonging to a sasquatch, but someday we certainly will! Just give it some time.

Disproving Hoaxes

Thousands of fake sasquatch samples and sightings have popped up over the decades, and if no one were around to succinctly disprove them, people may blindly believe these claims of "real evidence". We've identified many samples as simply deer fur, and even grizzly scat. Beware the phonies! ISRI is funded through private donations from an anonymous philanthropist that guarantees funding until Sasquatch's existence is proven. Additional funding is made from donations from loyal Sasquatch fans world-wide, and we wouldn't want to waste their precious money trying to analyze samples that aren't genuine!

Environmental Information

  • Sasquatch is at risk due to deforestation, among many other factors.
  • We aim to help conserve their populations through scientific means.
  • By learning their behavior we can best serve them and their needs.
  • Our work with the International Sasquatch Conservation Society will ensure a better home for all sasquatch.
  • That is, when we can find proof.
  • That is, if we find proof.
  • We'll find the proof, we promise.
  • Keep the donations coming, and we'll find sasquatch, guaranteed!
  • By using carbon-neutral methods of observing sasquatch, we help reduce our footprint so sasquatch can make more footprints for us to find.
  • Our generous benefactor believes in using alternative energy sources, and makes no money from fossil fuels.
  • Working on the local scale, rather than travel out of the county, helps reduce carbon emissions.
  • We recycle!
  • Everything we use has been made from renewable materials, no waste from us!
  • Our Team

    Benjamin Silvera
    Head Cryptozoologist
    Sarah Caldwell
    Institute Director
    Larry Robbins
    Junior Lab Technician