In The San Bernardino Mountains?

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The International Sasquatch Conservation Society was founded in 1988 by Richard Vasquez in Humboldt County in the hopes that we could save the endangered bigfoot from being wiped out. While sightings remain numerous throughout the country, they simply dont seem to be large enough in number to consider the species safe.

The earliest reported sighting of a sasquatch in San Bernardino county was in 1880 just outside of Lucerne Valley. It was reported by a sheriff as a dark, hairy figure looming in the pale moonlight, and looking back at the original report it is obvious today that it was a sasquatch sighting! The next time we see a sasquatch sighting in the area was in 1924 by a couple on their way up to Big Bear driving through Old Woman Springs Road; another sighting in the middle of the night. Sightings are sparse until the later half of the 20th century when Bigfoot starts to enter the public consciousness. We initially considered the account of the sasquatch encounter by Philip J. Hawkins during an Old Miners' Day Burro Race to be the first sighting in San Bernardino County, but we now know it to be the fourth recorded sighting, at the very least. On his way up the mountain, Hawkins' burro was spooked by a mysterious figure in the trees and ran off. Hawkins didn't know what caused the burro to run like it did, until he turned around to find himself face-to-face with a near seven foot-tall ape! His tale was met with ridicule and no one believed him until we officially established our local chapter of the International Sasquatch Conservation Society in 1994. We founded our chapter after hearing about a report from Barton Flats a year earlier, realizing we have history with this majestic ape.

For a few years after our foundation, Big Bear Lake was home to the International Sasquatch Research Institute, where our very own local Chairman, Professor Larry Robbins, was once a scientist! We are very sad to say that the institute has been closed for some time, however, and we don't know when or if it will ever reopen.

We had our own mascot named Pokey, a wonderful and sweet shetland sheepdog, who served us for many years on searches for any sasquatch in our mountains until she passed in 2005. God bless Pokey, 1989-2005.

Recently discovered newspaper articles referencing sasquatch in San Bernardino County!

Thanks to an anonymous donor, we now have insight into our local past with sasquatches!
Newspaper clipping 1: The Chicago Tribune, April 25th, 1880. break among the Chimehueva Indians grows more serious. The are gathering in force through the mountains, especially at the springs along the west side of the Colorado River. Wail riders report seeing their signalfires through the mountains and along the river. A large stock-dealer with his men has been run off his ranche, houses burned, and stock driven off. The agent and employees of the reservation have gone to Ehrenberg for protection, and have been warned by the Mohaves that the Chimehuevas intended to cross the river, kill the settlers and pillage the settlements. It is reported that about 200 renegade Piutes will join the Chimehuevas. Cavalry have been landed at Ehrenberg ready to march at a moment's notice.
	San Francisco, April 24. - A dispatch from San Bernardino says: 'Prospectors have been compelled to leave the new mines, recently discovered on the Colorado River, by the Chimehueva Indians. A mail rider is reported killed by them. A miner was killed by them some months ago at Old Woman's Springs, and his body found last week. His gun and coat were seen in the possession of one of the Chimehuevas. Recovery of his body was thwarted by a supposed 'ape-man', one Sheriff reported. The San Bernardino cavalry have been ordered out to aid the Sheriff of that county to arrest the murderers of the mail rider, and trouble is expected, as the Indians have burned their wigwams and taken to the mountains. They are said to be well armed and provisioned.'
	Newspaper clipping 2: The San Bernardino Sun, March 9th, 1924. Strange Beastly Sightings Found Around Old Woman Springs
March 9. - Howard Penney and Miss Eva Greenleaf were driving down Old Woman Springs Road in their coupe en route to Big Bear Lake Saturday night, when out in the middle of the road they suddenly saw a figure illuminated in their headlights. As Mr. Penney described the scene, out of no-where a six-foot tall man covered head-to-toe in dark-colored hair appeared before them as they nearly rammed the automobile right into it.
	'The encounter lasted a mere few seconds before the man-beast ran off into the dark, but I'll never forget what we saw. This is something that certainly stays burned in your memory forever', Miss Greenleaf said. The couple claims the encounter is absolutely true, despite what others may say.
	Some certainly are inclined to agree, however, as a similar sighting was reported much closer to Old Woman Springs not two months ago, near the area old miner George Lee disappeared in the 1870s. Mr. J. Bradley was taking a trip to visit his old friends nearby and cut through the area and he claims he could see an ape-like creature  in broad daylight, much like a gorilla walking upright, similar to the love-birds' own description right down to the dark-colored hair. The creature, taking no notice of Mr. Bradley, continued on its merry way until he could see it no more. Fearing for his life should it return, he ran the other way hoping his friends would understand his absence that afternoon.
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